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Somers Library E-Reader Policy

 Basic guidelines for check out and borrowing:

E-Readers can only be checked out from, and returned to, the Somers Library circulation desk and to no other library; e-Readers must not be returned through the book drop.

The e-Readers must be checked and charged by the patron before returning to the Somers Library circulation desk.

Check out must be done with a valid Somers Library Card and another form of ID, preferably a photo ID.

One e-Reader per family allowed per valid Somers Library card for each borrowing period.

Only members in good standing, with no outstanding fines, may check out an e-Reader.

E-Reader borrowers must be 18 years of age or older and must read and sign the Somers Library User E-Reader Lending Agreement Policy each time an e-Reader is checked out. Minors under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the e-Reader Lending Agreement Policy.

E-Readers may be borrowed for a two week period, and may not be reserved or renewed. Overdue fines for the e-Reader are $5.00 per day.

The protective cover is not to be removed.

Once the e-Reader is checked out, the borrower is responsible for all of its components, including its cover and power cord, and will be charged for any damage to the e-Reader and its components.

Value of the :

E-Reader: $200

Power cord: $50

Charger: $10

Protective cover: $30

Soft padded bag: $10

Nylon bag: $9

The Somers Library has preloaded a variety of titles onto the e-Reader. As such, the software and settings should not be altered and nothing should be added or removed from the e-Reader’s internal storage.

Should you have any questions, see a librarian at the Reference Desk.

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Nook Lending Agreement Policy