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Somers Seed Lending Library
A Community Heirloom Seed Lending Project:

Somers Seed Library CabinetSomers Seed Lending Library is a free community heirloom seed lending project, demonstrating that libraries check out more than books! The idea is simple. Growers get enough seed to grow 3-4 plants from the seed catalog located behind the Reference Desk, record what they are taking with them as well as basic contact information for later in the season. Then they grow their plants during the season. At the end of the growing season for that plant, the grower harvests as usual, but saves some of the seed for next season, and returns a portion, usually 2-3 times the starting amount (or more) to the seed library to continue the cycle.

Our hope is that you will enjoy gardening and picking the fruits of your hard labor. Along with saving seeds, consider checking out some great books on gardening and cooking to experience a true culinary treat! Follow Somers Seed Lending Library on Facebook by clicking here.

Donations are gratefully accepted to help grow our seed library. Checks can be made out to the Friends of Somers Library, with a note in the memo field stating "For Seed Library." Also on our wish list: new packets of Heirloom Seeds.