Somers Library Gallery Exhibit Policy

Those interested in showing artwork, please read the following policies carefully.

As an educational and cultural institution, the Somers Library Board of Trustees, Library Director and staff welcome exhibitors (artists and photographers) who have selected the Somers Library as a place in which to exhibit their works. The following regulations govern the use of the Library Gallery area, which consists of the Program Room and the hallway leading to it. Works may not be displayed in any other areas of the Library. All exhibits must be open to the public and no admission fees may be charged.

The Library Board of Trustees, the Library Director and/or the Exhibit Coordinator reserve the right to pass upon all applications for use of the Gallery and may refuse any application or may impose such added conditions as judged appropriate. Any permit may be cancelled when it is deemed to be in the interest of the Library to do so. Nudes, pornographic material, drug paraphernalia and works which reflect violent or unpatriotic themes are not acceptable subject matter. All exhibitors will submit their works for approval to the Exhibit Coordinator or the Library Director.

The Gallery area is open to the public during library hours and while in use for programs after library hours. Since Library staff members are rarely present in the Gallery area and there are no security measures in place, the exhibitor is exhibiting works at their sole risk. The Town of Somers and the Somers Library assume no responsibility for the exhibitor's works, or any other property placed in the Library in connection with an exhibit. No items or works may be stored, temporarily or otherwise, anywhere in the Library. The exhibitor agrees that the Town of Somers and the Somers Library are expressly released and discharged from all liability for any loss, injury, or damage to persons or property which may be sustained by reason of action, or lack of action, on the part of the exhibitor in the setting up, displaying and taking down the exhibit. The exhibitor is responsible for any and all damages to the Library building and contents or to Reis Park which may be sustained by reason of action or lack of action on the part of the exhibitor in the setting up, displaying, and taking down of the exhibit.

The application for use of the Library Gallery should be completed, signed and returned to the Exhibit Coordinator three months prior to the exhibit. Signing the application binds the exhibitor to acceptance of full responsibility for the requested use and to compliance with these regulations. For group showings, each member participating in an exhibit must sign this application as well. Please call the library three months in advance of the exhibit to establish the days and times for setting up and taking down the exhibit with the Program Room Scheduler or the Exhibit Coordinator. Exhibitors must set up and take down their exhibit during their scheduled time. If you need to cancel an exhibit, you must call as soon as possible, preferably three months prior to the scheduled exhibit.

The exhibitor must not disturb or disrupt normal Library operations, nor interrupt the regular duties of the staff unless there is an emergency.

An exhibitor must not enter the Program Room to hang their work or take it down while a previously scheduled program or meeting is taking place.

The exhibitor must bring their own supplies when setting up or taking down the exhibit. The Library provides hanging rods for the paintings or photography with approximately thirty hooks. Please ensure that the exhibits are securely attached to their frames and the frames have wires to position them on the hooks. Nothing may be attached directly to the walls or doors. Works may not be hung over any windows in the Program Room. For group showings the person designated as the contact for the exhibit must be present when the exhibit is being set up and taken down. The lights in the Gallery hallway or Program Room shall not be moved or adjusted in any manner. Exhibitors will incur all repair costs should these lights be removed or damaged in any way.

The exhibitor must submit on the Gallery Application a biography of a paragraph or longer. Without this information, the exhibit(s) will not be listed in the newsletter, on the website or distributed to the press. The Exhibit Coordinator will forward exhibition information to local newspapers if there is sufficient time available before the event. The Exhibitor Biography sheet can be placed in the framed press case in the Gallery hallway at the time of the exhibit. The exhibitor may place a guest book on the small table in the Gallery hallway for the duration of the exhibit. The Library cannot supply any type of mailing list or patron information to the exhibitor.

Additional furniture or equipment brought into the Gallery area must have prior approval of the Exhibit Coordinator or the Library Director and the exhibitor must make such a request on the application.

At the time of application, the exhibitor shall sign and submit the Library's Waiver of Insurance form.

A Price List must be left at the Library circulation desk and the exhibitor's telephone number must be posted for potential clients. Copies of the price list may be distributed at the reception opening. No price information may be placed on the works themselves. The front of each painting or photograph must be numbered with the number that corresponds to the price list. Each exhibitor is solely responsible for his or her own sales which must take place off the Library premises. The Library will not be involved in any negotiations or sale representing either the exhibitor or buyer. If any fund raising effort to benefit the Library is contemplated in connection with the exhibit, this must be discussed in advance with the Library Director or Exhibit Coordinator.

If you are interested in exhibiting your art work at the Somers Library please contact the Exhibit Coordinator at