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Use Policies

Study / Conference Rooms

The Somers Library provides a small study room and conference room to the public. These rooms are available during library hours and by appointment. To reserve either room please call the library at 914-232-5717.

In accordance to a policy set by the Town of Somers, there can be no profit making in any town building including the library. Therefore, there is no paid tutoring allowed within the library.

Program Room Policy

The program room of the Somers Library is a gift of and for the community. It is available for use by community and non-profit organizations for educational, cultural, charitable, recreational and civic programs. The room may not be used for religious purposes. All programs must be open to the public.

Use of the room is on a first-come, first-served basis. When conflicts arise, priority is given in the following order to programs sponsored by: Somers Library, The Friend of Somers Library, Somers Town Governmental Organizations, other Somers Community Organizations.

The Library Board of Trustees, or its designee, reserves the right to pass upon all applications for the use of the program room and may refuse any applications or may impose such added conditions as it may judge appropriate for a particular program or use. Any permit may be canceled when it is deemed to be in the interest of the library to do so.  Failure to observe the regulations governing the use of the facilities may result in denial of use in the future. Permission to use the program room does not constitute endorsement of the policies, beliefs or goals of the sponsor.

The following regulations shall govern the use of the Program Room:

  1. Applications shall be made in writing on forms available at the library and signed by an authorized adult representative of the applicant. Signing of the application binds the signer to acceptance of full responsibility for the requested use and to compliance with these regulations.
  2. Applications shall be made at least seven days and no more than sixty days prior to the event.
  3. The program sponsor is responsible for any and all damages to the Library building and its contents and to Reis Park during use. At the time application, the sponsor shall submit proof of insurance coverage with general liability limits of $1,000,000.00 on a certificate prepared by their insurance provider which names the Somers Library and the Town of Somers as additional insurers.
  4. Since Reis Park closes at 10:30 P.M., all programs must be completed, facilities restored, area cleaned and all attendees out of the park well before that time.
  5. In an emergency, such as a storm, all scheduled programs will be canceled.
  6. As required by fire regulations, maximum capacity is 70 people.
  7. The sponsor of the program must have at least two authorized adult representatives in attendance during use of the room if persons under the age of 18 are present. At least one adult must be in attendance for each 15 such persons.
  8. Users of the program room must not disturb or disrupt normal library operations, nor interrupt the regular duties of the staff. Events must be confined to the program room.
  9. No admission fees may be charged.
  10. There shall be no smoking in the Library or alcohol use in the Library and in Reis Park.
  11. Exhibits contained in the room are not to be moved or disturbed.
  12. The lights in the room are not to be changed in any manner. The sponsor will incur all costs of repair should these lights be damaged, changed or removed.
  13. The sponsor must agree to restore the facilities, including rest rooms, to their original condition immediately after completion of the program. The Program Room will be left in a neat and orderly condition; chairs and tables placed in the storage racks provided; lights off; alarm set and doors locked; keys placed in the book drop in the container provided; and otherwise make sure the facilities are ready for the next user. If the pantry is also engaged, this includes cleaning the area and equipment and ensuring that food service and other equipment is turned off. All debris must be bagged and removed from the Library and Reis Park by the sponsor. It cannot be left in the library or park refuse containers. A fee will be assessed for failure to comply with these requirements and future use of the facility may be denied.
  14. Additional furniture or equipment brought into the building is the responsibility of the sponsor and must have prior approval of the Library Board of Trustees, or its designee. The Library and the Town assume no responsibility, whatever, for any property placed in the Library in connection with a program. The sponsor agrees that the Library and the Town are expressly released and discharged from any and all liability for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property which may be sustained during or by reason of a program held on the library's premises.
  15. If Library equipment is used, it must be used on the premises with an experience operator supplied by the sponsor.
  16. As a library service to the community, there will be no fee for use of the Program Room.

These policy guidelines will be interpreted in individual instances at the discretion of the Library Board of Trustees or its designee, and are subject to revision at any time without prior notice to the using sponsors.

Somers Library Board of Trustees

Rev 3/18

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